Update time: Monday March 5th, 23.00 CET.



Here's our monthly release update. This month starring "Access control for users" and "Video for Facebook and Twitter posts".

New: Access control for users

It's now possible to manage the access rights of users. As an admin you have complete control of what users can see and do in Mediaconnect. You can grant users full access, or restrict access to certain sections like assets, publications or comments. The "Users" section shows who has access to which sections. When you select a user you can select the sections the user should be able to access.

Add video to Facebook and Twitter posts

Facebook and Twitter posts with video content have a lot more impact and generate more engagement. It's now possible to attach videos to Facebook and Twitter posts from within Mediaconnect. Making it even more easy to manage, schedule and monitor your social media posts.

New features

  • Added page tags in Facebook posts
  • Added Spotify integration
  • Added MailChimp integration
  • Added Instagram social login
  • Added access control to users

All improvements

  • Added Instagram comments to reaction list
  • Preview url by video assets
  • Video asset in Twitter- and Facebookpost
  • New icon Inbox
  • Added heatmap in registrations
  • Changes view recommendations engagement
  • User rights in user listview
  • Enabled permissions in navigation
  • Removed channel click in breadcrumb
  • Reactions autoload
  • Add edit button for talk items
  • Custom fields improvement
  • Rebuild for move publication in existing story

We're starting a changelog

Big news today, we're starting a public changelog so you're always up to date with all the updates, improvements and fixes that are made in Mediaconnect.

Even though we work on Mediaconnect all the time, sometimes it may seem that not much is happening. This changelog is here to improve that very important part of the communication between you and us.

You'll always receive an update when we change something in the widget, or if needed all things we've changed is available on our public changelog page.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Mediaconnect will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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